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Yoshino Cherry Tree

Yoshino Cherry TreeYoshino cherry tree has leaves that are colored and have a very beautiful flower. These flowers grow and bloom the fragrance that has a bunch of white and pink. This tree is an ornamental tree that includes a lot of people would like to have it. With a nice colored leaf plants if we have those plants we can beautify our homes with these plants. This tree is cultivated very much because a lot of people who want to have it.

This tree is very nice and very beautiful if we could take care of him and keep him as well. Yoshino cherry trees will bloom with week after week and bloom well this new tree leaf leaves will appear. This tree, like the other three trees generally have Yellow leaves if the case last fall. Due to the nature of the tree is not very strong with the summer months I happened. Make this plant turns into yellow. After the summer passed this tree will produce a tree that is green. After that, it may turn out to be pink in public.

This tree is very nice and beautiful for planting in the open space. To beautify the city this plant very much planted at a distance of 7 metres for each plant. Will produce the beautiful trees and arranged very neatly. This tree grows with high average as high as 25 feet. Very fast growth of these plants are plants that are suitable for planting explosives or beautifying the city and construct buildings. Originating from Japan, but plants in the United States. Yoshino cherry trees can produce flavorful and will appear in March and will bloom each year.

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