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Saint Augustine Grass


A Saint Augustine grass one of the grass that grows from African countries. Rather came from the coastal region of the Caribbean Islands. These include perennial grasses are low. This grass is also widely cultivated in Australia and the southern part of North America. Many of us have also encountered in the area where we live, but not as much as there is in the region of Africa. The leaves are colored green and rather wide. The shape of the leaves has a leathery texture. Like there is some kind of white and colored feathers and high. If the yard House or on the grass fields usually Only grows among other lawn grasses. With a broad leaf, leaves his white striped grass can be as ornamental grasses.

Although it is often rough, but his best form. Saint Augustine grass is also susceptible to pests such as insects, worms, grasshoppers and crickets. For the care of grass is the same as other grasses. With a less frequent watering because the stand with water. If the grass is formation for cutting grass with machine regularly.

In Africa this grass grows by itself. With the rapid growth and solid yields vast grasslands. It could turn into a yellowish if the water shortage with a very long time. Usually the drought can be seen from the root down, which turn out to be dry and yellow But if the water gets its color will change to a green that is Saint Augustine grass.

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