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Kwanzan Cherry Tree

Kwanzan Cherry TreeKwanzan cherry tree is a kind of plant which is also called flowering plants cery Japan. This plant also includes plants that are sought from the plant lovers. has a great interest and a portion of the interest is double flowers are pink and are very nice. This tree can grow as high as almost 25 meters and above. Although this does not include trees trees that bear fruit but this tree has a beauty that is very unusual.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree Root System

If we want to plant trees there are several cery kwanzan mandatory we do. By way of site selection that fit and with the loose soil or fertile. Creating a hole large enough to place the roots of the plants with shovels or other tools. Once formed the hole we could add water around the hole so that the land of the trees creating a moist soil. Add organic fertilizer to help those on the ground humidity.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree PruningAfter growing up with both embedded and then we require treatment by way of pruning regularly. Often the leaves are growing rapidly cery kwanzan can lead to stalk from the tree cannot grow up with good stuff. If we plant trees, we should pay attention to the distance of each other. We can even take into account its distance.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree PictureThis tree has only aged for up to 20 years. With the color white flowers that we can create a flower garden in our homes. But we must often pay attention to pests and diseases than those plants if we want trees we grow up with good stuff. This tree is very easy to hit against aphids. Usually can change the color of the leaves with a white color that turn out to be dirty.

Kwanzan Cherry Tree Growth RateIn the event of the summer this plant will seem like less fertile or grow less well. With the change of color of the leaves are turned into yellowish leaves, wilting and finally fall to the ground. Fall leaves including events that occur on the tree each year kwanzan cery.

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